Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Okay well I tend to be a realist when it comes to thinking about my future. Below were post about my career which consisted of working in the gaming industry and maybe in movie industry at some point. After my main career path I may choose to go back and teach I have always had this thought I would be a teacher in the end. I don't plan to have kids but I would love to be a really awesome aunt to my sisters when she has some. Live in Cali until I realize is insanely busy and way to crowded. I see myself traveling a lot once work is going slower and I don't have to be in crunch time all the time. Maybe getting married if it ever works out. Past my future the world its self is already starting to fall apart so I guess at this rate it will continue. Maybe our overpopulation will hit the world and cause more hunger and overall pollution will follow. To be honest the future looks good in some cases but overall not that great. People are too lazy to change and only do it if it directly effects there health and or income of money. People are greedy and selfish and won't care until its way too late.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

"How do you see your future in the year of 2027?"
    How I see myself in the future is working in the game industry either for a company or myself. Probably living California maybe L.A. in a apartment. Not married by any means and no children. I would have a german shepherd by then or some from of animal. The environment is going to be in bad shape because everyone took too long to start caring so going outside or simple the area around me won't be in the best condition. I know I will still be paying off Ringling and all the loans from collage. Hopefully I will have enough time band money to where if my sister is not near by I can visit because we are always trying to stay close. Being in the game industry for that long I could get burnt out and switch over to film or maybe even teaching in I wanted to I have always had this thought I would end up teaching at some point. Overall I see my future being good if I work in a good job in the game industry sense that is what I trained for. Having a life outside of work because I would be past entry level at that point.

"How do you you see your future in the year of 2050?"
   By then I would not be working in the game industry I would have quit years ago probably due to unfair treatment, lower pay, crunch time being difficult, and I would be burnt out. By then I would have probably picked up teaching and still might be teaching at that age or retiring soon (hopefully) Living wise I would live right outside of the city in the country sense after all the years of living in the city thinking thats what I wanted, Ill come to understand that I miss my childhood of having open ranges and less people around. By then the world has hit a even high number of over population and our resources are lacking. Farming will become a very important job for most people. The environment has completely run a muck will high sea levels, junk everywhere. Sense we stopped caring about NASA our space program is only just now trying to leave planet Earth. To be honest I would see myself not being alive by then. I always though I would die young because of a weird health plan or some accident.

"How do you see your future in the year of 3000?"
  Well I made it to 117 years old, that sucks. This sucks because who would want to be that old you can't do much when your bones are bad, and your heart is stopping soon. I am not a optimistic person so I would not want to be alive then. The world is probably still going about its day with poor environment due to our lazy world of people. We have had to adapt to our new way of life without much. Were there is a lot is our technology because as a lazy race thats all we have come to know. Jobs are replaced by robots and we are not needed as much anymore. What did I do with my long life? Well I am part of the last good generation to go through this planet because we were not completely induced with technology as much as the one behind us. I still grew up on a farm with just the enjoyment of outdoors and my family. I grew up to work in the gaming industry and later quit to be a teacher. I saw the world in as a realist and knew it would fall apart. Wars have come and gone, people have killed one another over stupid selfish matters, education has fallen due to taking away vital key subjects in our lives. Artist are still probably viewed as a lesser profession. By then hopefully I still have money to support myself. I may have gotten married but we never had kids. My sister may have pasted away being 7 years older then me. Overall I am probably on my way out and trying to leave behind a why of showing that we made the mess we are in with our world no body else and it is our job to fix or try to re create a better system. But knowing how history repeats ourselves nobody will do anything or not enough people. Dark way of looking at it but if you look around us now you could see this. If I could choose I would choose to be dead at this point.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Week 14

     This week I’ve listened to I Think We’re All Bozos on This Bus which was definitely much different from what I am used to. It took a while to get used to the audio story telling, but it was defiantly surreal and very interesting. Uhm Clem is hilarious on his attempts to confuse the computers, and in a way pointing out how over reliance on technology that lacks common sense is a poor way for the future to run on. Over all was worth my time being very limited at the moment because of other class work but I have able to keep on top of my work some how even though I never seem to sleep. Aside from that I chose to edit this post after going to class. We watch Idiocracy in class I was laughing at the reactions from my friends who had never even heard of the movie. I believe the satire is very clear in this movie once you get passed how stupid it plays out. I believe our world is slowly but surely becoming this movie. Its like the movie is just the extreme of our own reality or what it could be. Having a money, weapon powered president thats too dumb to even run anything be in charge with a population of brainwashed citizens who are too dumb to think for themselves.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Week 12: Reading Assignment

1. What is your reaction to the text you just read?
 Well to start I mostly read sci-fi novels so reading about aliens is not all that bad. Although I was confused at the beginning about who was human and who was not. The idea of people eating or drinking from the egg creating some form of a drug was interesting. Our man character went through a odd experience that I guess in the end they knew in advance would happen. Such a odd story where this alien takes care of your family only to pick one of the children and raise it to be close with her so that they may carry her children. Evening going to the extent to explain the birth process in which our main character will one day have to do. To be honest I don't see why they chose to have the main character be the one in the end to carry her young when she could of gave it to someone else who wanted it. I know he suggested that in the end that he wanted to be close to her but prior to that he was planning to shoot her with a rifle stored away.

2.What connections did you make with the story you just read? Discuss the elements of the work with which you were able to connect.

    Well I will admit this question is harder to answer because I found the reading to be a little unclear only because I would probably need to read it over a couple times to fully understand it. But I guess what I understand from this question is that you could soon tell who was who based upon there reactions to events that played out. To start our main character seemed to be growing still but greedy, brave yet weak. He was treated the way he was because he would seem be caring the young of the alien he didn't know this from the start but multiple hints are thrown in. The way he is seen by this brothers and sisters and mostly his mother. His mother is pretty much a definition of time, she wants to grow old so she refuses the egg each time unless told to by the alien. All events lead back to drinking the egg which makes clear connection of the ability of the egg and the culture surrounding it. The author is bringing multiple elements into the story by setting up the characters making some more dynamic then others. Giving a plot that was unclear in the beginning but came around towards the middle. Also the basics of giving a clear setting of the time and location helped grasp the narrative.

3. What changes would you make to adapt this story into another medium? What medium would you use? what changes would you make?

    To be honest I could see this being seen on a tv media form. I understand this is a short story but it leaves with a ending that be continued. I would say a series of shows would be a form of media or film for formal terms. Setting up the background more by explaining more about the reserve and why things are this way. Later setting the characters out how they all came to be or why they are together. Later ending with this event of our main character being the "one" in a sense chosen to bare the children of the next generation. I think this form of media would best describe the story provided by the text written. I would give more background information on the aliens and the eggs they have humans drink because a lot of the story relates back to the egg and its powers.



Week 13

    Like her best-known novel, The Handmaid's Tale, Margaret Atwood's new Oryx And Crake begins in a seemingly alien future, then dips back into the past to show how it came into existence. But unlike HandmaidOryx And Crake focuses more on the past than on the strange new world that followed; where Handmaid was a dystopian adventure, the new book is more of a speculative elegy for a consumerist, arrogant society Atwood perceives as being not far from our own. Atwood channels her story through Snowman, a man who lives in the wreckage of the civilized world, where ordinary items like hubcaps and bleach bottles are ancient artifacts to the survivors around him–people without facial hair, people who heal their wounded by purring over them, people who are utterly without aggression, resentment, jealousy, or anger. Snowman refers to them as "Crakers," and functions as sort of a cranky elder shaman to their tribe, pretending to possess a wisdom and knowledge he lacks, and hiding his weaknesses from them while eking out a desperate, solitary living in the rubble. Oryx And Crake eventually dives into his memories of growing up in a socially divided world where genetic engineering was the wave of the future, and where scientists and technicians crowded into luxurious but rigidly controlled corporate arcologies to create the next wave of designer foods, drugs, and animals they would market to the suffering lower classes. And, as Snowman remembers, the connections begin slowly falling together. Oryx And Crake is somewhere between a Neal Stephenson future-tech novel and Richard Matheson's I Am Legend: It focuses closely on the day-to-day trivia of life both in a decaying, overcrowded world and in a post-apocalyptic, near-empty one, and it's packed with fascinating ideas. But in its focus on high concepts and ground-level details, it tends to leave out the middle ground. 

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Week 12

    Lets face it, aliens, in popular media are most often insipid, and completely leeched of any psychological or sociological depth, there is almost a inverse relationship in many alien films that the only beings capable of technological ingenuity of any kind must somehow be monstrously depraved. As a human race, we are eminently arrogant enough to circumscribe our alien characters to the mold of being entirely dimwitted, monstrous, and easily domesticated, and easily eradicated above all else. The premise and themes behind some of the lyrics only deepened and crystallized in my, and i was reading Dawn like I did for Interview with the Vampire. This greatly enlightened me on the deeper directions fiction can take.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Week 11

    Snow Crash has one of the most effective opening hooks in science fiction, a loving description of a high-tech armored driver and car. A man with a mission. A man with wonderful high-tech toys and samurai swords, who works for the Mafia doing one of the few things that the United States still does better than any other country in the world. High-speed pizza delivery. It's a beautiful setup, even if the pizza delivery job doesn't last far beyond the opening pages. It introduces the reader to Hiro Protagonist ("Stupid name." "But you'll never forget it."), the skateboard courier Y.T., and some of the major players and political structure of Stephenson's future Los Angeles. Even better, it effectively introduces Stephenson's off-beat world, in which things like Mafia-owned pizza chains and franchised private countries guarded by dogs with nuclear power packs not only prompt an amazed chuckle, they start to make a bizarre amount of sense. The easiest box to put Snow Crash into is cyberpunk humor, and it certainly works as that. Stephenson's characters approach an insane, satirical world with an unflappable, sarcastic attitude, full of choice comments and well-timed skewering of idiots. But he's not content to just give the reader humorous ideas. He digs beneath the surface, filling out the corners and edges with bits of trivia and extrapolation, resulting in a highly improbable world that feels, while reading, like a living, breathing place just a few exaggerations around the corner from our own.